Risk Management

The Football Australia Clubs’ Risk Management Plan “Safe Football”, developed by Gow-Gates in conjunction with Football Australia and the Member Federations, provides a uniform approach to assist the Football Community in assessing and managing the risks associated with the management of football clubs.

The objective of ‘Safe Football’ is to provide a pro-active approach in ‘Raising the Awareness’ of these risks and to provide a practical framework for your club to minimise or manage these exposures.

The plan is based on the general principles underlying a club’s ‘duty of care’ responsibilities to the football community and the general public such as;

  1. provide a safe place for recreation/Football;
  2. provide a safe system of rules;
  3. provide safe and adequate equipment;
  4. provide the participant with competent fellow participants, and
  5. provide adequate instructions and supervision for Football

It is further recommended that a designated ‘Responsible and/or Risk Management Officer’ is appointed, within your Club’s organisational structure, to ensure this information is made available to all Club Directors, Staff, Participants and Volunteers.